Friday, 20 January 2012


This is the original image from

This is a pencil sketch of an image off
It's an assignment for a class I'm taking.

The next part of the assignment was to re-create the image using india ink and a brush.
Part 3 will be posted soon...

This is part 3. It is an india ink wash. It took me quite a long time as I redid it multiple times and finally came to this and I was satisfied.

 This next one is a mono color painting, I used the color orange, Quite obviously. I am impressed with how it turned out and am proud of myself :)

The next step is a complimentary color painting, I used orange and blue. I like it alot :)

The final step is a full color, I kept working at it but decided it was done... I had some trouble with this one, I\m going to practice full color some more...
Also, there's a weird black smudge on his lip... Tried, but couldn't get rid of it.