Tuesday, 17 April 2012

IF- Vocal

     For the word vocal (1 week late) I decided on an ink style type thing... I guess you could call it a wash.... Anyway, The first picture is the pencil outline of Joe Satriani. My reasoning for choosing Joe Satriani is, he is more vocal with his guitar than most singers are with their voices.

The second step was to get the shading in, I was going to stop here becase I liked the shading job so much, But I figured doing the steps, you'd all see this anyway :)
The third step was to ink in the ink :D it worked better than I thought!
And finally! STLYIZE! Turned out very good. Better than what I had in mind, which is a plus!


  1. Now for some reason the shading one wont enlarge, Don't know how to fix that :(

  2. I think this is most excellent!! :)

  3. that is awesome man! great job!