Friday, 27 February 2015

World of Callisto

A little space bungee jumping...

A mechanized mule fuel by watermelons, Jus' cuz.  

A view of a colony in progress.

Discovering new land and making the mule.

The new land day/night.

Sending gifts via catapult to other worlds.

Hanging around in the desert.

Dance Party.

This is a refinement of another artists concept for Hubbisan (The merchant trader in the game) that Lyorah had me do. The link goes to the original artist's version. 

Traveling to the lake of fire.

Wandering in the Valley of Bloom.

Here are a series of concept arts I did for World of Callisto, an indie game still in development over at Lyorah Studios in England. they have a kickstarter up and running so I be sure to head over and help 'em out if you can.

The game is really weird and ambitious, it was alot of fun coming up with weird and cool looking art for it. 

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